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Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) invites you to join businesses and organizations from across Columbia County who support CEDC as members, in our efforts to bring increasing prosperity to the county’s economy and contribute to the rising quality of life in our communities.

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Columbia Comeback is a county-wide initiative to help businesses safely and successfully reopen in alignment with New York State’s reopening guidelines. 

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Columbia Economic Development Corporation

Rapid Recovery Loans

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Chatham Business Continuity Grant

Apply today! 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis

(subject to funding availability).

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2020 Session Schedule  and   Application

Questions?  Contact CEDC at 518.828.4718




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Columbia Economic Development Corporation 

COVID-19 Business Resources

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Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is more committed than ever to
assisting businesses in Columbia County during these unprecedented times.  We hope the resources listed on our
COVID-19 Resource Page are helpful as you navigate the challenges of getting back to business.  

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Questions? Please contact us at: 

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Business growth is what drives economic growth, which is CEDC’s core mission. No matter what size or industry, CEDC can provide services to help your business expand.[/nz_box][nz_box link=”/locate-here” icon=”icon-location2″ icon_color=”#a8c398″ icon_hover_color=”#1c3426″]


Find out why Columbia County is a great place to locate your business and how CEDC can help during a relocation or expansion process.[/nz_box][nz_box link=”/live-here” icon=”icon-home3″ icon_color=”#a8c398″ icon_hover_color=”#1c3426″]


Columbia County has abundant cultural, recreational, and historical resources that provide a high quality of life to local residents.[/nz_box][/nz_content_box]

Learn about CEDC.

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About Us

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to strengthen the area’s tax base through economic development and job creation, to assist business to locate and expand within the County, and to promote Columbia County as a premier spot for both business investment and personal opportunity.
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Join Us

CEDC Membership:  It’s because of the generosity of our Members that CEDC continues to bring our mission to life.  Join dozens of other businesses in Columbia County as one of our partners.
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CEDC Meeting Schedule




Monthly Newsletters

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September 2020 | August 2020   
2018 – 2020 Newsletters

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Broadband Service and Investment Maps

As Columbia County’s designated Broadband Coordinator,

CEDC is pleased to provide updated maps showing internet service and recent investment.