Hudson Industrial Development Agency 

The City of Hudson Industrial Development Agency (HIDA) was formed under Article 18-A of New York State General Municipal Law as a public benefit corporation. The agency is overseen by a seven-member board, appointed by the City of Hudson Common Council.

The IDA actively promotes, encourages, attracts and develops job opportunities and economically-sound commerce and industry throughout the city. The agency offers companies comprehensive services including needs assessment, site selection, financial incentives, and access to other public-sector programs.

2020 Board of Directors 

Tiffany Garriga, Chair
Rebecca Wolff, Vice Chair
Heather Campbell, Treasure
Kamal Johnson, Secretary
John Cody
Cheryl Kaszluga
Richard Wallace


Active Projects

620 Hudson Home

Hudson House Project Overview
Hudson House Signed Amended IDA Application
Hudson House May 1, 2020 Letter to IDA
Hudson House PILOT Proposal
Hudson House Appraisal
Hudson Property Survey
Hudson House Deed Description

Fiscal Analysis
Hudson House Fiscal Analysis Report
Hudson House Project Review Memo
Hudson House – HIDA Project Review Criteria
Hudson House CEDC Fiscal Analysis Summary