Frederic Church designed Olana as a holistic environment integrating his advanced ideas about art, architecture, landscape design, and environmental conservation over 40 years (1860-1900). Olana is the most intact 19th-century artist’s home, studio, and landscape in the United States.

Olana is part of New York State’s system of historic sites, and the 250-acre designed landscape is open to the public year-round, 8:30am-sunset, with free access for recreational use. Olana’s landscape features five miles of carriage roads and a Persian-inspired house with unrivaled panoramic views of the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountains, and five surrounding states. The Olana Partnership (TOP) is a private not-for-profit education corporation that works cooperatively with the New York State Parks to support the restoration, conservation, and interpretation of Olana.

Guided walking and electric carriage tours of the historic landscape are available Friday through Sunday from 10 AM – 4 PM. Tours provide an in-depth look into Church’s integration of landscape and architecture, in the siting and design of the Main House, and his role as artist and landscape designer expressed through his master work, Olana. Purchasing tour tickets in advance is highly recommended by visiting

On-site educational programming as well as virtual offerings, including our 24-hour live OLANA EYE Skycam, video/audio tours, webinars, workshops, field trips, and more, are also available. Visit the website for updated schedule of tours, programs, and virtual offerings.

“Our goal is to expand access to all of Olana for diverse audiences. We provide a great variety of experiences, from the guided tours which provide an overview of Olana as a whole to the focused educational programs and now, more virtual content than ever before,” said Sean Sawyer, Washburn and Susan Oberwager President of The Olana Partnership.

CEDC recognizes that Olana is an economic engine for the local economy and supported an updated Economic Impact study in 2019. The study concluded that Olana has an annual economic impact of $9.3 million and supports 210 jobs in the local economy. CEDC also supported TOP’s undertaking of all regular public tours and ticketing which led to the expansion of tour offerings in 2019. In addition, CEDC is an advocate for funding at the state level for several capital projects at Olana as well as the Hudson River Skywalk, a pedestrian walkway connecting the Thomas Cole National Historic Site to Olana State Historic Site.

To learn more, or purchase tickets visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @OlanaSHS.