Train Time Express

Chatham, NY 12534
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Lisa Warner and Valerie Bidwell established Train Time Express in Chatham in spring of 2019.  Train Time Express offers
safe and fun train rides for children and families at festivals and fairs throughout the region.

Both experienced entrepreneurs, Warner and Bidwell were working as dental hygienists when they began researching new business ideas.
They wanted a business that would allow them to keep their current jobs and generate income on weekends.  After considering
several options, they settled on the trackless train business.

“It is an unusual model,” admits Warner, “But I had successfully operated other businesses in the past, so the people at
CEDC were comfortable working with me again.”

The partners completed a business plan with the help of a CEDC business consultant.  Then they began looking for startup capital.
They had some personal funds to invest, but needed additional financing to purchase the Bella Tori trackless train that a retiring business owner
in Florida offered for sale.  The women were approved for a Microloan from CEDC just in time for the summer season.

Train Time Express was recently seen at the Saratoga Balloon and BBQ Festival, Chatham Summerfest, and Hudson Valley Ribfest.
The owners are hoping to find an indoor venue, such as a mall, for the holiday season.

“Running a business is alot of work,” according to Bidwell, “But it is also rewarding.  We are building a business that provides for
our own families by offering a service that brings joy to other children and families.”

Train Time Express is alos available for children’s birthday parties.  For more information, call 518.928.8545
or email