January 8, 2019

Airbnb reports that Columbia and Greene Counties are thriving ecosystems for Airbnb hosts. During the past year, Green County hosts generated more revenue than any county in the Capital region with $7.2 million from 48,100 guests and Columbia County was third in the region with $5.7 million from 33,200 guests. This economic activity generates income for residents and businesses that benefit from visitors, as well as local tax revenue from visitor spending. However, many are concerned with  the impact of AirBnB on available housing and a lack of taxes on these type of short-term rentals and Columbia County Board of Supervisors has formed an Occupancy Tax Subcommittee to explore solutions. Airbnb recently spotlighted the world-class cultural and recreational experiences that are available to visitors to the Twin Counties by listing the Catskills and Hudson Valley as one of the 19 places to visit in 2019.