March 26, 2018

The Columbia County Board of Supervisors Broadband Committee and the Columbia Economic Development Corporation continue to track and map the progress of the NYS Broadband Program in Columbia County.

On March 2nd, 2018 the NYS Broadband Program Office posted an updated list of the Phase 3 awarded census blocks for the entire state. Maps depicting this new information have been developed for Columbia County, and added to the County Broadband DropBox, as well as the DropBox folder linked below.

CLICK HERE for updated county and municipal broadband maps.

The County Maps (numbered 12 through 15 and dated 2018-03-02) are posted in the “County Broadband Maps” folder.

Individual Municipal Maps have also been developed showing the state of every census block within each Town and the City of Hudson. These municipal maps have been added to the map folder, “Municipal Level Broadband Maps.” These maps are also dated March2018. The municipal level maps contain the same information as the county level map #12, but at a larger scale.

County Map 12 shows the Broadband Program status of each census block in Columbia County at a given point in time. It shows census blocks that were eligible for BPO funding, census blocks that have received an award for one of the three phases, and areas that are mandated to receive improved service due to a previous agreement with the Public Service Commission. This map is constantly being revised as new information becomes available from the BPO.

County Map 13 contains a subset of the same information on map 12 showing only those areas of the county that have either received an award from BPO or are a part of the PSC agreement that requires the service provider to improve service. The combined area of the three BPO phases and the PSC agreement covers 58% of the total area of the county.

County Map 14 shows the census blocks in which each internet service provider claims to be able to provide service to at least one customer. It does not mean the provider serves every location in that census block, only that they do or can provide service to at least one customer in the block.

County Map 15 is an overlay of the information shown in maps 13 and 14. It shows the primary land-line service providers that claim to be able to provide service to those areas that have not as yet received any BPO or PSC incentives to provide enhanced service.

If you have any questions, please contact Ed Stiffler at Columbia Economic Development Corporation at 518-828-4718 or at